<aside> 💁🏽 Welcome to electric vehicle carshare! Please review the FAQs below but if you can't find what you're looking for send our support team a note at [email protected] or text 831-228-8190.


<aside> ⛔ Oberlin EV Carshare is available to residents of the City of Oberlin and students at Oberlin College & Conservatory only. You must provide proof of residency or student status. This can be by having your Oberlin address on your driver's license or registering with your @oberlin.edu student email address (if you're a student please see this FAQ). If you qualify but don't have one of these methods of signing up please contact Support.


<aside> 🚨 Motor Vehicle Record Check: Because Oberlin EV Carshare includes insurance, each driver must have their own account. As part of the registration process, your Motor Vehicle Record will be reviewed. Please see the Terms and Conditions for the requirements and violations that may prevent approval. You must have two years of driving experience to qualify.


<aside> 💲 If eligible you may receive a credit for a specific amount. Typically this credit can be applied over multiple trips if the total amount is not consumed within one booking. For example, you may receive a welcome credit of $8.52. If the trip you apply it to is less than $8.52, the balance would remain for a future trip (typically within 90 days), but in total you would receive $8.52. See more on Discount Codes here.


<aside> ☎️ Driver support is available mornings through evenings eastern time


Starting Out

There are two ways to register for Oberlin EV Carshare - select either 1A or 1B below.

1A. Create Account Online, then Download the App

1B. Download the App first, then Create Account

Please note there are two separate QR codes depending on if you're a resident or student.

Oberlin College Students

Oberlin College Students

After downloading the app you will see the main screen and at the bottom "Discover Offers Nearby". Select this and locate Oberlin on the map.



Select on either of the Oberlin EV Carshare locations and you'll be forwarded to the signup pages. Select whether you're registering as an Oberlin resident or a student at Oberlin College & Conservatory.

<aside> 💲 Fee to Register: Please note, there is a fee to register for the program, and this is noted in the app. You must link a payment method to your account in the app. Prices and discounts include sales tax.




After completing the registration you will be asked to validate your driver's license on the app main screen - see below.

2. Validating Your Driver's License

The next step is to validate your driver license. Select the "Driver's license validation due" box on the main screen, then follow the instructions to take a picture of the front and back of your driver's license.